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HR-MP20, Information

The HR-MP20robot is designed for carrying payloads up to 10 lbs up large diameter cylinders (> 8 ft) or walls of ferrous material

Our Latest Robot Design

HR-1001ULL On Floor Magnets Deployed_thumb.jpg

Helical Robotics is pleased to present our latest design, the HR-MP20 platform.

Visit our video section to see the HR-MP20 in action, INCLUDING the adverse weather demonstration during winter storm Draco.

HR-MP20, Adverse Weather Demonstration

Adverse Weather Play Button

Winter storm Draco caused school and business closings throughout the mid-west of USA during December 2012. We tested the latest Helical Robotics design, HR-MP20 during the storm. The robot is capable of carrying in excess of a 20 pound payload during all types of conditions.

HR-MP20, Precise Handling Demonstration

Precise Handling Play

Helical Robotics demonstrates the HR-MP20 platform on an active wind farm.  Our video showcases the ability to handle precise navigation and dynamic stability controls.

Front Page, Above the Fold, "The Oregon Observer"

Our hometown newspaper, The Oregon Observer,  has printed their lead story about  Helical Robotics.  The story, Local brothers build robots, business appears in the September 16th edition.

Our thanks go out to Derek Spellman, The Oregon Observer, and Unified Newspaper Group for presenting us in such a positive light!

Our first cover story: Windtech International

I'm excited that Windtech International has presented Helical Robotics on the cover on the July/August 2012 issue with their story "The Helical Robotics Revolution".

Midwest Energy News: Wisconsin company unveils turbine-inspecting robot

Midwest Energy News has featured Helical Robotics and our announcement of the HR-1000LL.

Read the full story here...

Featured story in North American Clean Energy

North American Clean Energy has featured Helical Robotics and our announcement of the HR-1000LL.

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We are featured in Windtech International

Windtech International has featured Helical Robotics and our announcement of the HR-1000LL.

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Helical Robotics Launches New Robot at AWEA 2012

Helical Robotics is advancing technologies that will make the Construction, Operation and Maintenance of wind turbines faster and more reliable around the world.

Wind tower access has traditionally required the use of cranes, bucket trucks, or repelling teams. Now, WI based Helical Robotics engineers have created ways to streamline the work using remote-controlled, robotic devices that can scale a wind tower.  Their robotic platforms can be fitted with a wide range of devices from cameras and non-destructive testing equipment, to robotic arms and lifts.