Successful Trial of New MP Series of Robotic Platforms

Helical Robotics Advances Wind Turbine Inspection and Maintenance through Successful Trial of its New MP Series of Robotic Platforms

  • Vertical climbing platform designed for inspection or research.
  • Capable of carrying wide array of task oriented equipment.
  • Scalability allowing for large maintenance equipment or personal.

Oregon, WI—Helical Robotics is advancing technologies that will make the inspection and maintenance of wind turbines faster and more cost effective.   Use of HR-MP20 robotic platforms promise to improve safety and reduce liability and personnel costs.

Currently, wind power operation and maintenance requires the use of large equipment or highly trained personal.  Wind blade inspection for example, is accomplished by an inspector who examines the massive turbine blades from the ground, about 100 meters (328’) away, by using a high-power telescope, or through the use of rope access technicians using equipment similar to that of a mountain climber. Helical Robotics plans to change that by using remote-controlled, robotic devices that can scale the wind tower.

"Every day, technology advances and changes the face of industry.  These advancements drive the future of our world from better renewable energy to safer bridges and ships.  Helical Robotics hopes to be part of this continuing evolution," says Bruce Schlee, President of Helical Robotics.

Schlee continued, “Technology advances such as this will be the primary factor that determines the success of Wind Power and other renewable energies.  By reducing the cost of operations and maintenance, Helical Robotics mobile platforms will make wind energy more efficient and cost competitive.”

This new technology was recently tested at a wind farm in Minnesota demonstrating its advantages over conventional methods including better weather tolerance. 

Beyond Wind, Helical Robotics is currently working with partners to develop products aimed at the Oil and Gas industry, Infrastructure Construction, Ship Construction, and Power Transmission to name a few.

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