Helical Robotics Launches New Robot at AWEA 2012

Helical Robotics is advancing technologies that will make the Construction, Operation and Maintenance of wind turbines faster and more reliable around the world.

Wind tower access has traditionally required the use of cranes, bucket trucks, or repelling teams. Now, WI based Helical Robotics engineers have created ways to streamline the work using remote-controlled, robotic devices that can scale a wind tower.  Their robotic platforms can be fitted with a wide range of devices from cameras and non-destructive testing equipment, to robotic arms and lifts.


Recently, Helical Robotics used the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) 2012 Conference and Exposition in Atlanta Georgia to unveil their newest platform, the HR-1000LL.  This newest system helps to expand their offering of robotic platforms, by allowing a single operator to lift hundreds of pounds up tower.  The multiple designs from Helical Robotics cover payloads from light cameras to heavy industrial equipment.

“Our motivation is to allow for a more efficient and safer wind farm,” according to Bruce Schlee, President of Helical Robotics, “by reducing the time and expense required to perform work from the safety of the ground.”  Using their new technology, technicians have a real-time view of tower maintenance operations from on board cameras, and offsite personnel can view the progress live.

“Allowing work in the field to be seen in real-time by anyone in the organization greatly reduces the time between problem and solution.”        -- Keith Schlee, creator of the Helical Robotics platforms  

Operations and Maintenance is one of the most costly areas in wind power production.  According to Wind Energy Update, “Operations and Maintenance can account for as much as 26% of the total cost of a wind farm over the course of its lifetime.”  Reducing this cost is critically important if the wind energy industry worldwide is to remain competitive with other sources of power. Helical Robotics has been working with industry experts as well as investing heavily in research and development in 2010, 2011 and 2012 and has built a world-class portfolio robotic solutions. Helical Robotics plans to incorporate the most advanced technology, global resources and services available to create a network of advanced robotic platforms that will change the face of infrastructure worldwide.


The reaction from companies at the AWEA exposition has been overwhelming. “We could not be happier with the response we received,” said Schlee. “Demonstrating a new technology to 1000’s of industry leaders in has created quite a buzz, and we are confident that the technology will be implemented across a wide range of businesses.”

Helical Robotics is also exploring ways to take this technology into other industries. They are in the process of developing platforms and seeking business partners in the conventional energy space, shipping, and steel structure areas to name a few . “At Helical Robotics we like to ask, ‘What can Helix do for you?’  Contact us and we’ll work together to find an answer.”


About Helical Robotics, LLC.

Helical Robotics is a technology development and integration company. The company works with other industry leaders to create and manufacture innovative solutions for hard to reach spaces.

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